Choose Freedom for Bathurst

Today I announce that I am contesting the seat of Bathurst for the Liberal Democrats at the upcoming NSW election.

Our politicians are failing us. Living standards have stagnated for a decade as a direct result of their incompetence and neglect. As an economist, it is obvious to me that they’re simply not doing their jobs properly and that includes local National Party member and Deputy Premier of NSW, Paul Toole.

I’m running for the Liberal Democrats in Bathurst at the upcoming NSW state election to offer voters a credible alternative to the two major parties and the failed leadership of incumbent Paul Toole. Toole may be a nice guy but he’s failed to demonstrate he’s up to the job and will likely resign when the Perrottet Government is voted out of office on 25 March.

The Liberal Democrats believe in individual freedom and the primacy of the rights of the individual. We accept a limited role for government and seek to maximise economic and personal liberty. We are the freedom party at the upcoming election. We take your rights seriously.

I’ve put my hand up for Bathurst because no one else who is serious about policy will entertain the idea of stepping into Australia’s toxic and dysfunctional political environment. However, the issues are too important and the state is suffering a crisis of leadership.

I’m running to save farms in the region and protect the livelihood of farmers – under threat from native revegetation laws. I’m running to protect jobs in the electorate – under threat from renewable energy mandates. I’m running to protect businesses and jobs – under threat from government-led arbitrary lockdowns. I’m running to listen, speak truth to power and hold government accountable to taxpayers.

New South Wales is in dire straits politically and needs fresh leadership. I will hold both sides of politics to account in a way that few have done in the past. I offer myself humbly for your service.

Burchell Wilson
0456 073 711

Liberal Democrats
Candidate for Bathurst